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Portulaca oleracea (Common Purslane)

Portulaca oleracea (Common Purslane) is an annual succulent that frequently branches at the base and forms a spreading mat. It grows up to…

Care of Purslane Plant

The care of purslane is very simple after it starts growing. You don’t need to do anything. The same traits that make it a weed also makes it an easy to care for herb.

Make sure to harvest it regularly and be aware that it can become invasive. Harvesting before it develops flowers will help cut down on its spread.

Also, keep in mind that purslane herb is an annual. While the chances are high that it will reseed itself, you may want to collect some seeds at the end of the season so that you have some on hand for next year, rather than hunting for a new purslane plant.

If you decide to harvest wild purslane instead of growing purslane, make sure that you only harvest purslane that has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides.


In ancient times, purslane was used to protect against evil spirits. Purslane's medicinal use dates back at least 2,000 years, but it was used as food well before this period. Traditional medicinal uses for purslane are broad. Ancient Romans used purslane to treat dysentery, intestinal worms, headache, and stomachache. It has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is referred to as the "vegetable for long life." Aerial parts are dried and used for fever, diarrhea, carbuncle, eczema, and hematochezia.4 Other TCM uses include diabetes, atherosclerosis, vascular endothelial dysfunction, and urolithiasis.5 The Chinese, French, Italians, and English also used purslane as a food source.2, 6

Purslane Weed – Eliminating Purslane In The Garden

The purslane plant can be a difficult weed to control due to its multiple survival methods. Much like a zombie, even after you think you have killed it, it can come back to life again and again. The purslane weed can be controlled though, if you are familiar with all of the ways it can thwart you trying to remove it. Let’s look at the best methods for purslane control and how to get rid of purslane.

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